Who we are

We build your world with more and better roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, airports, hotels and hostels, commerce and industry buildings. We build your present. We will build your future.

Soares da Costa. Building Your World.

The group is headed by Soares da Costa Construção, SGPS, SA, a holding company in the construction area, with participations in several companies dedicated to the execution of civil construction works, infrastructures and industrial activities related with the construction sector.

We have more than 90 years of activity, during which we constantly reinvented ourselves, adapting to the technical, financial and social changes of the various markets in which we operate.

A multinational company with activity in several markets

In 2014 we got to number 125 in the ranking "The Top 250 International Contractors" (turnover outside the country of origin), held by the American magazine ENR - Engineering News Records.
In 2013 we achieved a turnover of almost 500 million Euros, with the Angolan market being the main contributor representing 46% of this value.

We have a multinational profile, operating simultaneously in several markets, as a consequence of more than three decades of experience of activity outside of our home market - geographical diversification process started in 1979 in Venezuela, Angola and Guinea-Bissau, then continuing/ developing to other markets.

Currently our activity is focused on high potential markets: Angola and Mozambique. We also operate selectively in other countries like São Tomé and Príncipe, Romania, Oman, Swaziland, etc.

We currently employ approximately 3,785 people, of which almost 60% develop their activity in Angola and almost 20% in Mozambique.