Social responsibility

We develop our activities in the various countries with a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, seeking to create value for all stakeholders through a balanced management between several key factors to the success of the Company:
  • sustained economic growth,
  • valuing human capital,
  • preservation and environmental protection,
  • managing health and safety of employees and
  • the relationship with the surrounding communities.
The positive impacts of Soares da Costa activity derive from the way we create value for society. Our works and projects are part of the countries where we operate and part of their history. We build bridges, tunnels and roads that shorten distances between sites and make transportation more secure and comfortable.

We build dams and other hydraulic structures that improve the use of water, an increasingly scarce natural resource, and improve the quality of life of users.

We construct many buildings and other infrastructure that are thought and designed by the most prestigious architects to become realities that will meet the needs of contemporary society. We have an increasingly strong activity in the rehabilitation of buildings, preserving the cultural heritage of them.

To guide our activity from the standpoint of ethical conduct and social responsibility, we have developed a set of guidelines that realize the vision of the Company in these matters and are followed by all employees in all geographies where we operate.

Each year we present our performance on social responsibility through the Company’s annual report in chapters that can be found here:
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