What we do

The technical expertise and capacity of Soares da Costa Construction and its subsidiaries can be divided into three main strands:
  • Civil Construction
    Namely residential buildings, offices, hotels and tourism, restoration and refurbishment of buildings;

  • Infrastructures
    Including structures for education, sports & culture, industrial, health care & assistance (hospitals, health centres, clinical facilities), airports, roads, motorways, bridges, tunnels, railways, hydro, environment and other urban infrastructures (car parks, pedestrian bridges, etc.); 

  • Technical installations and solutions
    Electricity, telecommunications, technical management, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sewage, water treatment, design, manufacture and assembly of steel structures.

In the markets in which we operate, Soares da Costa is synonym for high technical expertise and excellence in execution.

Our employee base is a true reserve of value and knowledge in the engineering and construction areas..

Soares da Costa brings together more than 420 senior and middle executive workers in the area of construction: civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, mining engineers, technicians and safety prevention, designers, trainers, meters/ estimators, topographers, etc.

Most of our employees have a long professional experience in the industry and offer a high capacity to answer to the greater complexity and technical requirement works that Soares da Costa performs. The installed capacity of Soares da Costa is organizationally divided into three areas: Production, Technical and Commercial and Support to Production. 

The Production area includes: contract, human resources, equipment, materials and subcontractors management, and technical skills on safety, quality, environment, project analysis, alternative proposals, project design, construction, and coordination of central support. 

The Technical-Commercial area includes exploration, studies and proposals and commercial monitoring/ post sale. While the area of studies and proposals is currently centralized in Porto (Portugal), the areas of exploration and commercial monitoring/ post sale naturally have local presence in the various geographies in which the Company operates (Angola, Mozambique, Portugal ...). 

The Support to Production area, with simultaneous and cooperative presence, both locally and centrally at headquarters, includes design/ preparation, logistics/ supply, quality, environment, safety and health, topography, production resources management, planning and contract management.