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Building your world with more and better roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, airports, hotels and hostels, commerce and industry buildings.

We contribute to several sectors, such as housing, tourism, environment, education, health, sport, transport, trade and industry.

We are proud of our history, of our people, of our experience and know-how, our endurance and resilience and the heritage we have built around the world.

With nearly 100 years of existence, we maintain a firm step and unchanged will to go further and to do better.

We build your present. We will build your future.

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Pousada de Lisboa
After receiving the National Urban Rehabilitation Award in the Best Tourist Use Intervention category, on the 7th of April, Pousada de Lisboa was once again distinguished with the Rehabilitation Award, on the National Real Estate Award ceremony.

This is a Pestana Group project and was executed by Soares da Costa. Click the arrow to learn more about this prize.
Mozambique - Rehabilitation of Amílcar Cabral Elementary School
Soares da Costa joined the Portuguese Cooperation and the Embassy of Portugal in Mozambique in a rehabilitation project for Amílcar Cabral Elementary School in Maputo.

This cooperation project is another example of social responsibility initiatives that Soares da Costa has been carrying out in Mozambique.